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Step By Step Guide On How To Build An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

We generally stop after writing content but do you know that our real blogging journey starts after writing content. Even I used to do the same; spending more time in writing content and very less time in content promotion and as a result, I never got a good amount of traffic on my website. The problem is most of us here know how to write content but only a few of us actually have in depth understanding of how to marketise our content. In other words, we have only limited ideas on how to do build up an effective content marketing strategy.

So, How to build up a Content Marketing Strategy?

When I was researching on the topic – Content Marketing Strategy. I was amazed to see so many different results – Some websites were saying content promotion is the real content marketing strategy, some were giving content writing tips for effective content marketing strategy. I realized the term Content Marketing is somewhere uncleared because each website had their own definition of this term. And, that is where even I got confused on what is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

After getting disappointment from Google, I switched to Youtube for a better explanation of this term but again there were so many perplexing definitions for this. However, there was one video which explained content marketing in the simplest possible way. It says:

Content marketing is basically three steps process:

1) Writing Content

2) Publishing Content

3) Promoting Content

And then I realized most of the websites on google are revolving around on these 3 processes. Some of them are saying writing content is content marketing while others emphasized on the promotion of content for effective content marketing. 

Now that we have broken down this complex looking content marketing definition into simple steps process, let’s try to execute it step by step.

Wait! There is one more thing before getting into details.

The very first thing which I would suggest you do before writing content is Downloading Editorial or Content Marketing Calendar. This will actually help to track all your content marketing strategies and it will ensure that you are working according to the content planning schedule.

There are many online content marketing companies and websites that provide free marketing calendars templates. What I found best out of all these is CoSchedule’s Content Marketing Calendar.  It is really very simple to use and they have also provided one video to describe the whole process. The best part of this marketing calendar is you can also integrate the content writing with your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and it will directly post out there. But this marketing calendar is paid and comes with the 14-day free trial. Do give it a try – You will learn lots of things in this 14 day trial period and you can try to create your own calendar (I am trying! )

Now, if we talk about Free Content Marketing Calendars then honestly I couldn’t find a single tool which marks the level of CoSchedule’s marketing calendar. If you really want to have one then download Editorial Calendar as a plugin in your WordPress. It will track all your posts and you can also add there any post if you wish to write in future. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come up with Social Media Add ons.

Another alternative is simply you can update Calendar in the laptop with new events as per your content marketing plan. For example, you can add an event as Writing Post on some date and then for next day you can add the event of Promoting the content you have written on Social media and so on. It will keep reminding you about all the upcoming events.

This was all about Pre Content Marketing Strategy. Now, we will look into the steps which you can execute in your content marketing strategy.

Step 1: Writing Content

The first step in Content Marketing is Writing Content. You can’t grow a tree without bowing seeds. You would need to write content then only you can execute any content marketing strategy on it. If you want to learn  How To Write Engaging And Quality Content the see my previous article where I have explained that how can you write unique and effective content very fast. This will surely help you to write content faster and better way.

Step 2: Publishing Content

Most of us have a misconception that publishing content means publishing it only on your website but not that’s not true at all. If we want to build up more effective content marketing strategy then we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to publishing our content on our website only. There are many content distribution services and you should definitely try that also. Some of the most popular and effective content publishing platforms are – Youtube, Linkedin, Press Release, Guest Posts, Ebooks, etc. Let me explain them a little more in detail:

1) YouTube – Whatever you have written in your content, you should always try to create a small video on that and explain in a small video on whatever you have written on your blog. This will help your users/ readers to understand your topic better and will also expand your content on YouTube. 

2) LinkedIn – If you aren’t frequent user of Linkedin then you might not have the idea that Linkedin also has a platform where you can publish your content. Yes, and it is pretty simple to execute it. Just click on Write an article below your write post section and that’s it. Look at below picture to get an idea on How to write it:

Your followers will also get a notification about it whenever you write a new article. This is one of the best means by which you can execute your Linkedin Content Marketing.

3) Press Release – Now this is an interesting content publishing platform. The press release is basically a medium where you can write about any new product (or media) release and it is also considered as an important factor in SEO and content marketing. There is one article which I had published in one of the press release websites:


There is a proper format ( you can check it on press releases’ websites) that we would need to follow while writing for the press release. There are many free press release websites where you just need to create an account and start writing your content. Few of the websites that give you the free platform to write are –

Press Newz biz

Exact Release

Online Free Press Release

PR Free

4) Ebook – You must have seen many websites giving free e-books on topics like –  Top 50 content marketing tips, or Simple steps on how to do content marketing pdf. These e-books are another very popular medium on which you can publish your content.

Now, the last and the most important step –

Step 3: Promoting Content

When you are ready with your content and you have published it on your website and other sources, then it is time to promote it. There are many mediums today where you can promote your content for better visibility.

Let’s try to look at them step by step:-

Step 1: Social Media Promotion 

Whenever you think of promotion first thing that comes to our mind is Social Media because we all know how much importance Social media carries while promoting your content. So primary thing which should be in your content marketing plan is Social Media posts. You can post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

Facebook :

How I do promotion of my content on Facebook? By posting in various Niche groups. Yes, along with promoting on our profile or blog page, we should also promote it in various Facebook groups.

You can find any nice groups easily by searching on your Facebook search option and request to join that group. This is how I did that before writing this post:


You can join any group related to your post and promote your Blog post there. But make sure you don’t over post your content in groups as it may lead to spam.


You can also join Twitter lists ( In twitter we have List instead of groups) but you won’t be able to tweet in the particular list. However, you can tweet to anyone who is in that list to promote or for review of your post.

Here is the link on How you can find and join the List o a particular niche.:

3 Genius Ways to Find Twitter Lists in Your Niche Industry


Professional social media website like LinkedIn also comes up with Groups. If you seriously want to make some business out of your content and website then these groups can really help you in achieving that.

You can visit this link to know more about – How To Use Linkedin In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Step 2: Email Marketing

Once you are done with Social Media promotion, you can opt for Email Marketing. You must have collected some subscription list from your website. Now it is time to open an account in MailChimp (or other email marketing tools – Best Free Email Marketing Tools)  and start sending out emails for your blog posts. The best part is you can start for free email marketing in case you have less than 1000 subscribers. 

Step 3: Respond To What People Say

For this step, one best example is of Quora. Quora has been a massive resource for questions on various topics. It might happen that people have asked some question which you can also answer by providing the link to your blog. So, why to wait – Respond to Questions on Quora which are on the same topic as of yours. I have recently answered a question on Quora for the Content Writing topic.


And, I got one upvote within few hours:

You can also use Reddit, Comment on blogs, take part in industry forums.

Below is the image when I submitted the link to Reddit for my earlier post.


Step 4: Guest Posts

Guest posts have always been one of the best ways to publish and promote your content on some other website. They work in two ways – You get free exposure to your content in front of a new audience and second is you get one or two backlinks to your own website.

If you are looking to write guest posts for websites with your niche then you can find it on google by using below keyword search for it:

keyword “submit a guest blog”

This is how I have done that:


Step 5:

I recently read somewhere about it this website and really liked the concept they have used to promote your content. It’s not exactly you promote your content but you promote other’s content for your content promotion. I know this looks a bit complex so let me make it bit simpler.

Just go to the website and sign up for their free plan. After then they will redirect to your dashboard and what you would need to do there is – Add URL of any blog you want to share with your friends ( You can google for some famous blogs in your niche so that people will definitely open it ) and you can also add snip of your article that will appear on below of the page that people will open. Here is the screenshot of my experiment:

Sniply Promotions

Awesome, isn’t it?

So, are these the only content promotion strategies?

Of course, NO! These are just proven and easiest ways to promote your content. There are many other platforms and techniques to promote your content. I will experiment those techniques and will write one more article on that.

Content marketing is altogether a very complex and imperative topic in Digital Marketing because this is used in each and every aspect of online marketing be it SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Or Video Marketing. You would need to write effective content everywhere. Even if you see top rated digital marketing statistic in 2017 the Content Marketing comes on the top and that is the reason for the huge demand of content marketing companies and startups.

Content marketing in digital marketing
Src: Smart Insights

If you are a beginner to this term Content Marketing then you can read this guide for Content Marketing For Beginners. It will help you to the idea of this term.

So, what next?

Suggest some good content marketing techniques if you have in your mind in the comments. I will surely try those.


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