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The Ultimate Guide To Writing Unique And Quality Content For Your Blog Post

Do you know what is the most difficult part in content writing?

Any guesses? 

Okay, let me tell you – It’s writing the content itself. No, I am not kidding. If you are already a content writer then you must have the idea how we need to go through fire and water to prepare a quality content.

In my last 1-year blogging journey, I always had a misconception – I preferred quantity over quality. I always tried to write more and more posts neglecting their quality and SEO Friendliness. I never bothered which keywords I am using and as a result, my blogs failed miserably. There was not much traffic generation on my blogs even after writing 40-50 blogs (Which I wrote in just 30 days).

I decided to do a research on it and check why my blogs are not liked by my audience. I watched some content writing tutorials for beginners, then perused some good websites with content writing tips. I even downloaded some content writing Softwares. It took me around 5-10 days to do research on this and what I got as the inferences were only two things:

1) Write good and quality content.
2) Write content with proper use of keywords. ( SEO content writing)

Believe me, most of the content marketing websites which I checked on Google were telling me only these two things. None of the content writing websites suggested me on how to do it. Everyone knows we should write good quality content but only a few of us know How To Write Good Quality Content.

I did experiments on how can we write faster but yet good quality content. I tried to break down the whole content writing into four major steps:

1) Topic Generation
2) Title For The Post
3) Engaging Title
4) Content Generation

1) Topic Generation

The biggest challenge which I have faced in writing content is deciding which topic to write upon. I always wasted tons of hours thinking about what should be the topic of my blog.

Since my website is on Digital Marketing and Blogging, I decided to search what are the major challenges we face while blogging (for this time). Here is what I did:

I did a search on Google to find above query and got these results on some top rated website:

Blogging challenges


Undoubtedly, I knew I would find Writing Content as the major challenge while blogging and fortunately I am writing on the same topic. This example is just to give you an idea how can you generate the topic for your blog.

2) Title For The Post

Now I have got the topic to write. Next hurdle is Title for our blog post. If you are stuck in writing title for your post and need ideas then you can probably use a tool Blog Title Generator from Seopresser to generate it automatically.

See below how I did that for a topic content marketing:

blog title generator


These are not only results. You will get more results in an excel sheet and that would be enough to make you decide which Tite you want for your post. And, I am not saying all these results would be valid since they all will be automated results. Obviously, you can’t get free lunch. You also have to use your brain to find perfect title but this will surely help you in clicking the Perfect Title for your post.

3) Engaging Title

Once you have finalized your title, your half job is done. Now you would need to make your title unique and engaging. Most of the professional content writers get stuck at this point. So, How to do it?

Let’s make it simple by using another tool. I have used one tool Headline Analyzer. It will help you to give some engaging words which you can add in your title. Generally, any score above average is a good score to count. If you want you can update your blog title and experiment to get 100/100. I was happy with 77 marks. 

Headline analyzer

4) Content Generation

Now, the next step is writing quality content. Do you know how can you write engaging content for your blog?

By writing what others have not written. I have checked almost every website for Writing Quality Content Blogs. I haven’t even found a single website to explain me Content Writing in steps like this. When I found it myself, I decided to share it so that if you are facing the same challenge in writing quality content then it would be easier for you to do it in steps.

So, How to write quality and engaging content?

You know the title, right? Now, break that title into steps – like I did for this blog. I have tried to explain the whole concept by breaking them into simple steps. You can also break down your article into steps or some paragraphs. This will help you to explain your topic better and it would be easy for your readers to understand.

Even my previous article on What Is Digital Marketing? I tried to write the whole content down into steps.

Step 1: How I came to know that I have to write about this. ( My brother story – That is actually true but keep it secret shhh .. )

Step 2: I tried to search same but couldn’t find the good content for this. (I noted down what was missing there)

Step 3: Explaining it differently than other websites. (I gave example of traditional marketing first)

Step 4: Making it more engaging and reader-friendly by explaining it with the help of live images (I took live examples’ screenshots to explain)

And, results? I got huge appreciation from my readers. I have been into content writing (learning) for almost a year now but had never got such appreciation from my audience. That was the biggest motivation. I always tried to write content but never thought of writing unique and engaging content that my readers actually like.

So converting the topic into sub-topics always help. Now after you have broken down your content into steps, try to write with the help of keywords provided by various keyword tools. You can use many keyword tools like Keyword tool,  Google Keyword Planner, etc. You can find the whole list here: Best Keywords Generating ToolsI am not explaining here keyword research because you can easily find it online. You can visit the given link (Best Keyword Generating Tools) to know more about Keyword Research Tools.

You can choose any keyword tool and write keywords in the excel sheet. Now try to generate ideas to write content with the help of these keywords. I personally use both Keywords and LSI Keywords to generate ideas for my content. LSI keywords are like synonyms for the main keywords and they help search engine to locate the results better. I use LSIGraph and KeywordShitter to generate keywords as well as the strategy to build up my content.

Look at below picture – I have added results from both websites for keyword “Content Writing”:

LSI Keywords

You can research for some good keywords (with enough search volume) and write both Keywords and LSI keywords in an excel sheet. Now try to check how can you use these keywords in your post. Below is the picture of an excel sheet which I have made with both Keywords and LSI keywords for this post:


LSI Keywords

This will also give you an idea on how you can structure your post. Many people don’t use LSI keywords while writing their posts. I suggest you use both keywords and LSI keywords’ combination in writing your content for good visibility and more SEO friendly post because writing SEO content is most important if you want your website to rank higher in Google search results.

This is how I have started writing content on my website now. Content writing is an art which we learn over time. Once you learn this art, you can even join many content writing companies or services and they will actually pay you a good amount of money for the content generation only. You can search for content writing jobs online if you are aspiring for this field.

I know most of us are still wondering how to start and write good content. This article must have definitely motivated you to some extent and given you the idea on how can you start writing quality content today.

Did I miss anything?

Let me know if I did. I will surely add it in my post. And, please comment your views on above. This will help me to write better and improve my writing style.

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    I loved your kind of detail examination of basics.A new blogger always lacks these qualities and good content quality always strucks you.Your provided informations are really very good and helpful.

      • Ankur Chopra
      • July 7, 2017

      Thanks Dhiraj for positive comments.

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    Easily connected with mind.
    Thanks for this article. Learned much from this article. Will apply this strategies to my own site also…

      • Ankur Chopra
      • July 7, 2017

      Thanks Suraj. I also want everyone to do it in faster way.

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    Nicely explained sir.Very informative article.If u ever need solution regarding health related issues u can visit my site and leave a comment.

      • Ankur Chopra
      • July 7, 2017

      Thanks Angad. Sure I will visit it. Cheers!

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    What you have written is based on your experience and it’s obsolutely an outstanding post.

      • Ankur Chopra
      • July 7, 2017

      Thanks Manoj.

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    Nicely written .Thanks for the advice.keep going.

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      Thanks Sirisha.

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    very informative. will helpful in my blogging journey. Thank you

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    Well conceived and brilliantly executed. Quite engaging and well done!

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      • July 8, 2017

      Thanks a lot Daniel.

    • himabindu
    • July 8, 2017

    Hi..thanks for the wonderful information. I think I came across your article at the right time. Actually, I was trying to analyze my content quality. Thanks again.

      • Ankur Chopra
      • July 8, 2017

      Thanks Himabindu.

  8. Thanks for sharing this post, will have in mind and follow your tips when writtinig my next post!

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      • July 8, 2017

      Thanks Krystallia.

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    I loved the way you describe it . You should have tried copybogger for content marketing and copywriting . They are the best in the market . Well back to the point , you are being quite honest up here sharing what you got on your mind . Highly appreciate bro !! Looking forward to connect with you over guest blogging

      • Ankur Chopra
      • July 8, 2017

      Thanks a lot Joby. I will contact you soon for Guest Blogging. Cheers!

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    This is really needed for all those who are new in this field of blogging or for those who all are getting problem in writing a good article! Worth sharing

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    Title is really key because that is what we find in the search results. A better, more catchy title gets the clicks. I am just wondering why you need software to generate content? Shouldn’t content just come out from your brain?

    • Joanna
    • July 27, 2017

    I think it is important to be consistent and follow your niche. If you write with passion and engage your readers you are definitely creating quality content.

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    I think content marketing strategy it’s a very important part of creating unique content I need your help

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    I always recommend writing about what you know and like. Your audience can tell if you are bored or just winging it.

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    I believe everyone or writer for that matter has his style of writng. I would say that I have technique of writing too. I call it WRITE principle. Every letter has its own meaning to tell about. I keep on practising that and that it works.

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    I have used title generators online. They help a lot in giving out and setting a creative and interesting tone but the results are not always good.

      • Ankur Chopra
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      That’s the thing which you would need to do. Look at headlines of some of the best posts in the market. You will definitely get the idea.

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