Why you need to hire a licensed contractors

Craftsmen and a licensed contractor often overlap with their work. However, the difference between them would be somehow important when it comes to fulfilling the tasks and other things you need for your home. When it comes to hiring the right professional to complete certain tasks, it is wise to know who is the right one to do the job. Why? Because if you catch the wrong person, you can end up paying more than what’s needed. In the worst case, you will encounter some problems in the project. Remember that a craftsman and a licensed contractor are two different people.

Craftsman versus licensed contractor

Let’s first look at craftsmen. By definition, the craftsman is someone who is qualified in many types of repair, usually around the house. The repair comes in many forms involving maintenance, crafting, repair, plumbing and electrical work. You have no formal qualifications, licenses or certificates. Although there are seminars and trainings in some countries to have certificates in a specific area such as carpentry and painting.

There are many projects that a craftsman can undertake. Usually a craftsman is paid, but there are also those who are not paid and these are the homeowners or hobbyists. Projects may be smaller or larger, such as: B. wall repair, painting, home joinery, furniture assembly. Nowadays, because of easy access to the Internet, many people surf the net to learn how to do things themselves. This is convenient and cost effective as long as you have the right materials and tools and know exactly what you are doing.

For some time now, paid home improvement is not considered a professional, unlike plumbers, electricians or carpenters. They have been seen as semi-skilled workers and lower in status compared to the professionals. Over time, many groups and organizations want to change this concept through paid home improvement. They are characterized by professionalism and the acquired multiple skills and knowledge about the different chores.

On the other hand, a licensed contractor is a professional who has completed an apprenticeship, worked, learned and trained for a certificate or certificate. These individuals may also have passed certain exams to acquire their license as a contractor.

In most situations, licensed contractors have a group of people for specific projects. They have the support of a team of people who depend on the type of project the contractor will accept. For example, if the customer wants to rebuild their kitchen, then the contractor would have to have a plumber, an electrician and a builder to mention a few. Sometimes a demolition crew, which I needed in this kind of project as well. If the customer wants to have a party room in his basement, then the contractor needs an electrician, a builder and a floorer in his team.

During the actual work, the contractor will usually be the coach of the team. He will monitor the team members. In addition, the licensed contractor will always consider the larger picture of the construction project. In other words, he is someone who does full projects or renovation projects versus a single task, which ultimately a craftsman does. Thus, the service of a licensed contractor is much more expensive compared to that of the craftsman.

Who to choose: the craftsman or the licensed contractor?

When choosing the right person for a particular job, whether craftsman or contractor, you as a decision maker should be able to see the scope of the project first. If you’re just considering a simple task that you can do yourself, then you do not need a contractor. A craftsman would be enough for your project. However, if you look at a larger undertaking like a renovation project or want to build a functional space to the house, then a craftsman would not be suitable for the job. Always knowing the difference and choosing the right one will make a difference.